Madhavbaug’s SHS-HTN Approach to
Reverse Hypertension

The prevalence of high blood pressure has risen by approximately 8% in the last decade. This trend is mainly because of urbanisation as it fosters poor eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and low levels of physical activity which are the main causes of hypertension. Madhavbaug recognizes the 4 stages of hypertension and treatments are accordingly based on the severity of the condition.

Madhavbaug’s holistic approach to blood pressure management includes changes in lifestyle, diet, and exercise along with Ayurvedic treatments and yoga. It is found that aerobic exercise can reduce blood pressure by 4-9 mm Hg while the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet is linked to an 8 mm Hg reduction in blood pressure levels. Ayurvedic and yoga therapies augment the body’s natural healing and self-repair abilities to help treat and prevent hypertension. Madhavbaug’s treatments rely on science-based approach to blood pressure management and can provide same benefits as conventional hypertension medications without the risk of side effects.

How does SHS-HTN Treatment works to Reverse your Hypertension?

Madhavbaug’s ApexBeat programs use cutting-edge diagnostics and the latest research for prescribing specialized diet and physiotherapy routines, along with appropriate lifestyle modifications to manage blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

The primary goal is to restore blood pressure to a healthy range of below 120/80 mm Hg and above 90/60 mm Hg. In the Blood Pressure Management Program, patients are provided with advice on strategies to control blood pressure and prevent complications.

For those that have high blood pressure and suffer from some complication already are counselled on the risks of unmanaged blood pressure, with a strong focus on strategies to control blood pressure and lower the risk of heart failure, while for patients with early signs of lack of blood supply to heart, advice about techniques to prevent ischemic heart disease is provided.

Reversal Heroes

Thousands of patients have been relieved of complex heart problems and prevented further complications through Madhavbaug treatments. Here’s their story in their own words.