Heart Disease

Understanding Heart Disease

Is Heart Disease and blockages connected?

Hello friends, today we are going to understand heart disease. Many times, just hearing the name of heart disease makes us start feeling scared. But it is necessary to understand it well, and there is no need to be afraid, but there is a need to take action, that will help reverse your heart disease. Now, why is there a fear of heart disease? Because we do not have complete knowledge about it, so this fear is created. So let’s understand this heart disease.

Today, heart disease and blockages both go hand in hand. This means that if the muscles of my heart do not receive blood properly, then weakness is felt in that muscle, which leads to a decrease in the power of the heart. Now the question arises, why did the muscle not receive blood from the blood vessels of the heart? There are numerous reasons for this, which cause the blood to become thick, making it difficult for it to reach the muscles of the heart.

What are the reasons that can make our blood thick? There are many factors such as your sugar levels, blood pressure, thyroid, what you eat, stress, and how much you argue. At such times, blockages start forming in your heart, and you start fearing that you might need surgery. At this point, I want to tell you that Madhavbag has a non-surgical procedure to reverse heart blockages, through which you can immediately reverse your blockages and significantly improve the blood supply to your heart.

So, what are the reasons that can make our blood thick? We will understand all these things in the upcoming videos in the next sixty to ninety days. So first, we need to eliminate fear from our minds and get rid of that fear. Through actions, we will make our hearts healthy and prepare ourselves for a good and healthy life. So, thank you until the next video.

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